Tour de MUSH - WooFDriver On Tour

Welcome to The WooFDriver's  "Tour de MUSH" AKA WooFDriver On Tour! WooFDriver tours the east coast of the USA with his 4 dog husky team and Pit Crew (peeps team) to MUSH his dogs on custom bikes, trikes, quads, off-road vehicles and almost any thing you can imagine in ways most didn't even know were possible. WooFDriver has been pioneering this Urban Mushing Style for almost 30 years now and traveling to trails, roads, state & national parks to adventure with his multiple generations of husky dogs for almost 15 years. WooFDriver is constantly developing new ways to MUSH his dog's on his inventive dog vehicles and has just  invented the Electric DogSled on Wheels. You will find ,inks to all his vehicles, dogs and other ever so fascinating aspects of his Dog-Powered Lifestyle here on this website. But the main purpose of this website is to document his latest Tours so you can track all the excitement here!



This interactive MAP is a more complete but earlier WooFDriver On Tour History

Vehicles We Travel In NeedTo Be Totally Custom

Equipment We Tour On And Some Of My More Famous Tours

WooFDriver Touring Washington DC

WooFDriver's Touring OFF-ROAD ADVS (All Dog Vehicles)

WooFDriver's Specialized Touring ADVS

WooFDriver's Touring Dog-Powered GoCarts